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Victory Day May 16, 2011

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For a few years I had a desire to come out for the Victory Day parade, take pictures & shake hands of those people who paid such a great price to free this country from the Nazis. This year I finally had the opportunity to do it…


:) April 24, 2011

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March 3, 2011

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is NOT what you accomplish.
& IF you don’t accomplish –
it’s still a JOURNEY.”

– Vitor Belfort



Solid Sound Doctrine March 12, 2010

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Several weeks back a close friend of mine, Erik Miller has given me a link to a sermon by Mark Driscoll. He wanted to see what I think of it. Well, did I have things to say after watching it. The sermon was pretty rad & it did speak to me big time, rebuking & exhorting & whatnot.

Since then I have been spending at least couple of hours every day listening & watching sermons by pastor Mark. They’re pretty solid. & if you have been lacking some solid teaching – you should click here & visit their site. I especially recommend the Trial theme.

P.S. Anika & Melissa are going to the airport to get Annie tonight. It’s snowing & the guy who’s driving doesn’t even know how to get to Kyiv. I just pray they actually make it there & back. That is already a good stretch for my faith 🙂


Mi Casa Es Su Casa March 5, 2010

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So. I thought I’d introduce you to the place where my day begins. Place where I spend most of my nights & hardly any of my days.

Here you go. The hallway. My kitchen. My bathroom. & my office. Normally it would be a bedroom, but it just doesn’t feel like a bedroom to me. Feels like an office. Now my living room feels like a bedroom, so that’s where I sleep. But I won’t show you. Too private 🙂

I really love my office room though. It’s perfect for starting your day & studying. Unfortunately not too good for loud music.

The place will change once I’ve had lived there for a little while longer, & once there are people staying there with me regularly. But there you go 🙂

P.S. Those of you that don’t know – the place is less than ten minute walk from my front door to the girls’ front door (which is where I am at right now, since they have WiFi & pizza), so that is a major bonus.


Recent Reasons For Happiness March 31, 2009

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The last several days were really great. I have discovered many small things to make (& what’s more important, keep) me happy. The main blessing was discovering more about my favorite singer, & actually getting a hold of her! I have really been learning a lot from her approach of things & people, & can’t even put in words how grateful I am for her.
It’s been nice to finally get a taste of the spring, & not have to wear too much clothes. The sun’s been shining. My friend Vadeem & I took a walk that has turned into a hike (would be strange if it didn’t). Conversations about weddings & life… church politics & businesses… a dam & swamps… Here are some shots from the village called Low Mills:

vadeemka1 lomo-medium-vignette waterstuff

My sister Ira & her fiance (well, husband on the paper already) Jake came to visit today. That was fun. I like him, & am very blessed my sister is marrying a nice & respectful man. It has been amazing to me to learn just how very similar his & my taste in movies are. Like, last night he FaceBooked me, saying how he’s got these two movies he’s bringing for me. They happened to be exactly the two movies I had here waiting for him!

Jake&Ira@bs03 Jake&Ira_onawall


“Seven Pounds” March 8, 2009

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Seven Pounds”

Seven Pounds is an incredible movie. Reminded me of “21 Grams”, though it looked a bit more like “John Q”. I’ve been thinking, which one’s more dramatizing, but couldn’t figure. I only know that I loved it. The movies definitely gives you a perspective on your life from an different from the one you were at before you plugged & played. If not totally awakens you to life.

I recall at times when I’d felt suicidal, in cold blood & right mind, I kept thinking how that would be such a great way to go (sounds wrong, I know. But dying in general isn’t very pretty, is it?). Save many priceless lives with the price of my pointless one. & I saw more of the legal conflict there than that of the doctrinally-correct part. Yes, suicide isn’t by any means the part of the Design. But neither are the diseases that kill single organs in people’s bodies. No, I am not making statements here. Not preaching & not seeking your approval or disapproval. I am just thinking out loud if you would. & I guess my point in all this is actually telling you that what this movie has really done to me – is showed me (much like I am shown that same thing in many different things) that the life I have is truly a gift. A gift in itself. It holds different bonuses. Love between two people, friends we treasure, sunrise, music, coffee :)… you name it. & often we lack this & that. We get sad. We get boring. We get suicidal. But what if tomorrow you loose your sight? What if in two weeks you get stubbed with a knife or get hit by a car & will be tied to a bed. & the thought that you never actually began to do your morning jogging will bother you until your very last day on that same stinky bed. What if you wake up tomorrow morning & feel so wrong that you know this is it. I had that one happen to me. My perspective on life has changed drastically. For only as long as a couple of weeks. But those were some two very amazing weeks.

I’ll leave you at that. Take care of yourself. & do the things that you feel like doing. It might as well be your last opportunity. Your problems will pass. & so will this life. & it is very-likely going to be the same day.

All we got is each other.


P.S. & do watch “Seven Pounds” if you haven’t yet. & if you have… you’re a stinky for not telling me to watch it.

P.P.S. Marina, thank you for recommending it. Jake, thank you for providing 🙂



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