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Solid Sound Doctrine March 12, 2010

Filed under: My World,Open Arms Ministry,Sound Doctrine — Alexander Petrov @ 5:18 pm

Several weeks back a close friend of mine, Erik Miller has given me a link to a sermon by Mark Driscoll. He wanted to see what I think of it. Well, did I have things to say after watching it. The sermon was pretty rad & it did speak to me big time, rebuking & exhorting & whatnot.

Since then I have been spending at least couple of hours every day listening & watching sermons by pastor Mark. They’re pretty solid. & if you have been lacking some solid teaching – you should click here & visit their site. I especially recommend the Trial theme.

P.S. Anika & Melissa are going to the airport to get Annie tonight. It’s snowing & the guy who’s driving doesn’t even know how to get to Kyiv. I just pray they actually make it there & back. That is already a good stretch for my faith πŸ™‚


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  1. marina Says:

    and further to my comment on your blogspot – blog something already!!

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