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Priluki Trip March 9, 2010

Filed under: Random,Road Tripping — Alexander Petrov @ 8:46 pm

Priluki trip went great. Got to hang out with Vlad & his family, doing some catching up & quality conversations… I don’t think I’d ever heard him teach, & it has blessed my heart to see him being of the very same spirit Paul Sisemore was of. Very vivid & pretty radical. Soild too. Happy to have seen the church in a healthy state with much grace for people & good vision in their hearts.

Yana has a very pretty voice. Bogdan Troglodit’s matured up. & Vlad makes some awesome bliny.

The facility is of course pretty phenomenal. I think if the Lord provides us with a place twice smaller in size – it is still going to be spacious enough for the ministry needs in the near future. Would be rocking if the backyard was at least as big though…

Our ride back was four hours on a freezing van. Which is probably why neither of us feels too healthy today. I was lost in deep thoughts most of the ride back to Sumy. Been thinking a lot about the importance of living my life in a way that when it’s over – I get to smile & leave a solid fruit in the lives of those God has placed in my life. Apostle Paul has communicated the importance of bearing a lasting fruit & finishing well. I have much learning & growing in meekness & God’s grace ahead of me. But I am very much determined to do so.

Got to have Vova & Losha over last night. It was good. Praying they will become a part of the fruit I am to bear.


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