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Mi Casa Es Su Casa March 5, 2010

Filed under: My World — Alexander Petrov @ 10:28 pm

So. I thought I’d introduce you to the place where my day begins. Place where I spend most of my nights & hardly any of my days.

Here you go. The hallway. My kitchen. My bathroom. & my office. Normally it would be a bedroom, but it just doesn’t feel like a bedroom to me. Feels like an office. Now my living room feels like a bedroom, so that’s where I sleep. But I won’t show you. Too private 🙂

I really love my office room though. It’s perfect for starting your day & studying. Unfortunately not too good for loud music.

The place will change once I’ve had lived there for a little while longer, & once there are people staying there with me regularly. But there you go 🙂

P.S. Those of you that don’t know – the place is less than ten minute walk from my front door to the girls’ front door (which is where I am at right now, since they have WiFi & pizza), so that is a major bonus.


2 Responses to “Mi Casa Es Su Casa”

  1. linds Says:

    Superb and awesome!

  2. marina padiy Says:

    просторно и светло. приятного времяпровождения 🙂

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