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My lil sister is married now. April 29, 2009

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So, my lil sister is a married woman now. I still feel slightly out of it. It is a wonder how fast the time goes by. We all say that now & then concerning different things in our lives. You meet a friend from school, or see somebody’s kids for the first time in a year… But it is especially shocking when you marry off your lil sister whose diapers you used to change. Especially if you yourself aren’t married 🙂
It was a great wedding. It blesses my heart to see my sister this happy. For the first time in so many years. I am excited to witness her & Jake’s marriage. Very excited.
A few pics:

By_The_Star Jumping_up_02

Up_&_Down Me_With_Olya_&_Lyuba


One Response to “My lil sister is married now.”

  1. marina Says:

    you should have worn the footwear we discussed 😉
    (hoping for a light bulb in your memory with this haha)

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