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Я всегда с собой беру… April 13, 2009

Filed under: Humans — Alexander Petrov @ 12:37 pm

…даже если я “…”.


It is things like this that make me feel like my laziness is no biggie. When it actually is. I do appreciate my ipod. Very much so. But… seriously?


3 Responses to “Я всегда с собой беру…”

  1. marina Says:

    i dunno about the TP thing, but what’s installed in there is pretty nice.

    so which one you like more so far – wordpress or blogspot? i guess this one, but what if there’s anything new.

  2. Now that I am reading what I’d posted… I’m thinking it would be nice to have that. Haha 🙂
    I like Xanga way more than both of these. But out of the two – I’d have to say I do like WordPress better. Not only because of the wider range of things you can do on here, but also because I can actually figure some things out. BlogSpot is bit more hard to use. But after I figure it out – I am sure I will still say that they both are very much alike.

  3. origue Says:

    Приглянулся этот пост. Теперь буду старатся заходить к вам по чаще.

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