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Recent Reasons For Happiness March 31, 2009

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The last several days were really great. I have discovered many small things to make (& what’s more important, keep) me happy. The main blessing was discovering more about my favorite singer, & actually getting a hold of her! I have really been learning a lot from her approach of things & people, & can’t even put in words how grateful I am for her.
It’s been nice to finally get a taste of the spring, & not have to wear too much clothes. The sun’s been shining. My friend Vadeem & I took a walk that has turned into a hike (would be strange if it didn’t). Conversations about weddings & life… church politics & businesses… a dam & swamps… Here are some shots from the village called Low Mills:

vadeemka1 lomo-medium-vignette waterstuff

My sister Ira & her fiance (well, husband on the paper already) Jake came to visit today. That was fun. I like him, & am very blessed my sister is marrying a nice & respectful man. It has been amazing to me to learn just how very similar his & my taste in movies are. Like, last night he FaceBooked me, saying how he’s got these two movies he’s bringing for me. They happened to be exactly the two movies I had here waiting for him!

Jake&Ira@bs03 Jake&Ira_onawall


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